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currently in the workshop

On this page, you will find a selection of loco's that are currently being worked on, and will be available soon! 


We can build and finish any of our loco's to your chosen specifications - see below images for guidance and inspiration.

LMS Streamliner in BLUE / SILVER


TCB 2 LMS Streamliner in BLUE /SILVER


Rivalry between the L.M.S. and L.N.E.R. railways resulted in Gresley producing the streamlined A4. To counter this Sir William Stanier introduced the Streamlined Coronation (or Duchess) class. The first five were produced in Caledonian blue with silver stripes to run with similiar liveried coaches. later batches of Streamliners were produced in standard maroon livery with gilt stripes to match standard coaching stock livery. In 1937 6220 Coronation held the world speed record of 114 m.p.h. By the end of World War Two all Streamliners had been de-streamlined to reduce maintenance time.(See kit TC5)

Number/Name can be your choice!


LMS Streamliner in Maroon / Gold


TCB 2 LMS Streamliner in Maroon / Gold


Black 5 in BR lined livery -45270 tender 9204 as 11/57 crewe south shed

Riveted Black5[1].jpg

TCB 8 Black 5 riveted tender


Built as a multiple purpose engine for the L.M.S. railway and designed by Sir William Stanier. A total of 842 locomotives were built between 1934 and 1951 by five different builders. This model depicts the batch built by Armstrong Whitworth and numbered in the series 5225-5451 and fitted with the long firebox. A total of 226 locomotives were built by Whitworths making it the largest single order for virtually identical steam locomotives ever placed in the United Kingdom. Most, but not all, originally built with welded tenders but many were exchanged for riveted tenders in later years The last of the class were withdrawn in 1968. The model here is as built with the riveted tender.

TCB 14 8f riveted[1].jpg

46243 city of Lancaster
(as she was in 1957!)

TCB 16 City of Lancaster green 46243 (2).jpg

Latest addition to the range is a L.M.S. / B.R. Duchess depicted with a sloping smokebox. The kit covers locomotives 6220-6229 and 6235 to 6248 during a period of their lives when they were known as "Semi's". Although some locomotives were rebuilt fairly quickly some survived until withdrawal in this form.

TCB16-semi 46243

City of Lancaster


TCB 16 City of Lancaster green 46243 (5).jpg
TCB 16 City of Lancaster green 46243 (1).jpg
TCB 16 City of Lancaster green 46243 (3).jpg

TCB14 8F Riveted tender


TCB14 8F Riveted tender


Designed by Sir William A Stanier and introduced in 1935 for heavy freight and occasional passenger work. Final LMS stock totalled 666 locomotives. The last of the class being withdrawn in 1968. Three preserved examples exist today. Kit features: Etched tender sides, Cab, Valvegear, Chassis. Cast three piece Boiler/Smokebox/Firebox. This kit covers locomotives 8301-8399 (99 locomotives.), 8430-8479 (50 locomotives), 8490-8495 (6 locomotives), 8600-8729 (130 locomotives) plus 48775. This totals 286 locomotives.


I prefer not to send/or receive fully finished kit loco's through

the post,  thus avoiding damage (we can arrange a convenient place to meet)

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