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Other New Loco's

These are the more recent Loco's that we have completed!

Unfortunately it looks like they have all been sold now, but check back often for more new stock!

0-6-0 04 shunter

Made from a Vulcan Kit, fresh out of the workshop is 04 shunter D2264 in a post 1958 livery before yellow wasp stripes.Looks and runs loverly

British Rail Class 04 was a 0-6-0 diesel-mechanical shunting locomotive class, built between 1952 and 1962 and was the basis for the later Class 03 built in the British Railways workshops. However, the first locomotive to be built to the design was actually DS1173, in 1948, which served as a departmental shunter at Hither Green depot, before being transferred to the capital stock list as D2341 in 1967. The Class 04 locomotives were supplied by the Drewry Car Co., which at the time (and for most of its existence) had no manufacturing capability. Drewry sub-contracted the construction work to two builders both of whom built other locomotives under the same arrangement. Early locomotives (including DS1173) were built by Vulcan Foundry and later examples were built by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns.

BR Standard 2 2-6-2t 84028

Sorry Sold

84028 is fresh out of our wokshop (built from a Secondhand kit to us) and features a RG7 motor gearbox

The class was designed at Derby Works and introduced in 1953. The design derived from the LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T which BR had built after nationalisation. Modifications were made to the Ivatt design including a reduced cab to reduce the loading gauge and some standard fittings. BR classified them 2MT, emphasising a mixed-traffic role.

As most services which required 2MT 2-6-2Ts were already served by the 130 Ivatt engines, B.R. only ordered 30 engines, which eliminated pre-grouping steam locomotives as much as possible on local services.

The first 20 engines were outshopped at Crewe Works, and intended for use on ex-London Midland and Scottish Railway routes, then known as the London Midland Region.
The second batch, this time built at Darlington Works, were numbered 84020–84029, and intended for Southern Region lines.

84028 ended her days at Skipton.  

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D2298, as preserved at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.




I prefer not to send/or receive fully finished kit loco's through

the post,  thus avoiding damage (we can arrange a convenient place to meet)

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